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Design and Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Ministries and other non-profit organizations have amazing vision and heart. So I help make them look as beautiful as their mission, vision, values, volunteers, and service are for people around the community and world!

Outreach Ministries

Pray. Give. Go.

A 10-year anniversary celebration of sending people out to serve in the city, county, state, and across the globe.

Dream Centers

Dream Centers are made possible through the people leveraging their resources and serving to see this city flourish. We collaborate, provide holistic care, and balance our motives of compassion and justice in order that broken lives may be restored to wholeness. WE LOVE GOD AND JOIN IN HIS LOVE FOR PEOPLE HE CREATED. There are two inseparable loves: the love for God and people, and we commit to both. Since God loves and treasures everyone, we believe every person deserves dignity, tangible resources and relationships to live with purpose in our community.

Royal Family KIDS Camp

New Life Downtown is a campus of New Life Church, led by Pastor Glenn Packiam. We are intentional about making our worship gatherings Christ-centered and Gospel-shaped. That is why the Eucharist-- the "Great Thanksgiving" communion meal-- is the defining moment of our worship gathering. It is where we are reminded that we have been brought into the Family of God, fed by the grace of God in Christ Jesus, and filled with the Spirit. From this Communion Table, we are sent back into the world with a "Eucharistic hospitality"-- a mission to generously and graciously call others to Christ. The Communion Table is also the defining metaphor for our identity as a congregation. In His hands we become blessed, broken, and given.

New Life Church

​​Life & Justice Conference

Leadership Conference

Local Ministries Department

{ LOVE your people.

  LOVE orphans/youth

  LOVE widows/single moms

  LOVE poor/vulnerable

  LOVE military famlies }

Development Associates International
Life Light India

​​Ministries that reach foster children here in Colorado Springs, thousands of foster kids located in 36 states in the U.S., over 350 Arab households, Maharashtra in India, and indigenous leaders in 13 foreign countries.

New Life Church Magazine

​​This 48-page magazine is hot off the press and will soon be in the hands of New Lifers and those interested in being a part of the community. Here is a small sampling of the design that went into Fall 2013: Issue 3 of the New Life Magazine.

Global Ministries

We endeavor to understand our times and to respond accordingly to take the gospel of Christ to the least-reached people groups of the world, especially those located in the geographical 10/40 window. The specific geographical areas of focus include, but are not limited to, the Middle East, China, Northern India, Central Asia, Sahel Northern Africa, South Africa, and Europe.

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