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Designs for printing

Do you have an idea for a design that needs to be printed? Not sure where to start? I can help guide you through the print process so you don't have to navigate the often confusing (and detail-laden) world of print. It's often confusing to navigate the world of print if you are not familiar with it... Don't worry! I'm here to help so you get the product you want - from the right place - with the budget in which you're working.

  • Dimensions

  • Creative options you may not have considered

  • Proper file types for needs and printer

  • Future uses of your design to make the design flexible for future uses

  • Determining your audience or consumers

  • Guidance with colors and modern trends

  • Understanding the difference (and proper uses of) CMYK, RGB, bleeds, crop and trim marks, EPS, AI, JPG, PSD, GIF, PNG, and BMP

  • Helping you make the right decisions for your schedule, budget, and dreams for your product or design piece

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